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Lighthouse Rentals

Lighthouse Rentals

Lighthouse Rentals is Melbourne’s leading Lighting & Grip Equipment for dry hire. 

Facebook Ads

One of the projects I worked on for Lighthouse Rentals was creating a set of Facebook ads. These ads were aimed to anyone looking to hire Lights for a film project/production.  Featured below are two of three main ads. The first one is simple animation focusing on emphasising why Lighthouse Rentals stands out from its competitors. This ad was also part of an Facebook Instant experience ad.

The second one ad (on the right) focuses on promoting a popular category of products the business has available. 

Website Redesign

Lighthouse Rentals wish to refresh their website design, so that it would improve their conversion rate. They felt that the original home page did not grab user’s attention enough or generate enough leads.  A requirement for the new design would be that it needed to be responsively designed. In addition, they wanted to provide users with an onboarding process, online booking approval process and various new pages.

The website required a partial redesign – the redesigned pages include the home page, product pages category pages. A few additional pages were also implemented such as an onboarding process, a booking approval process and an inspirations page- to provide inspirations for light set-ups.  

Home Page design

The previous design did not feature any of the products the site offered. It mainly contained information about the business. This was changed in the updated home page, as it focuses a lot more on promoting products, packages and sales. 

Product Pages

Product Pages were designed to accommodate all the information that the client
wanted to display on each product page. Including, but not limited to:

• Items Included
• Optional Accessories
• Gaffer Notes
• Warnings
• Tips
• Usability

Onboarding Process