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Melbourne Apartments

App Redesign

There was already an app developed for residents of the apartments. However, the app was only partially developed and was not a fully fleshed out design. There were many “coming soon” type of pages. 

The client wanted an improved app design & user experience, along with added functionality while maintaining a similar user flow. 

Apple Store Assets

The app is aimed towards the residents of the apartments, and is an add-on for residents. 

The graphics for the App store emphasises features of the App that residents would benefit most from, i.e. allow them to easily view and book amenities in the apartment complex. 

Account Creation Process

The app is exclusively for residents of the apartment complex. This is done so through the account process. In order for users to create an account, they must enter in the resident code they have been provided with. 

The previous app design did not have any sort of login or account creation functionality. So pages were designed to allow users to create an account, with the account containing all the relevant information for booking amenities as well. 

Booking an amenity

One of the biggest features of the app, is allowing users to explore and book amenities. 

The original page that listed the available amenities was quite long. In order for someone to find a specific amenity they had in mind, the user had to scroll through many amenities. To improve user experience a filter was added in.

The filter allows users to filter out amenities that they are not interested in. For example searching for only indoor amenities or only for bookable amenities.

The process of booking amenities had to be not too complex. As the user has their own account the booking process was able to be made quite simple. Users simply need to select a available date & time, agree to the terms & conditions and place their booking. 

Social Media

I worked on creating a series of Instagram posts and stories to help keep residents up to date.  Highlights and more stories were created featuring benefits of the apartments, this allowed for more engaging stories.  

Instagram is an avenue to keep residents and prospective renters/purchasers with apartment news including but not limited to restaurant, gym and specialty stores located in the apartment complex. 

Email Campaigns

I worked on a few email campaigns to help reach out to prospective buyers and renters. The email campaigns needed to maintain the luxury apartments style while still providing enough information to grab the interest of viewers.